All, But The Right Words

Flying Words

He comes to you for a job
But you call him a worthless pig,
Hopeless and without a place in this world
And He bears it all without saying a word

You come to his backyard to farm
And he asks for a portion of the produce
But you call him a greedy robber
Yet, he bears it all without saying a word

One time, you meet him at a dinner
And you ask to be placed at a different table
You say that his mouth odour was like the smell of faeces
But he bears it all without saying a word

Your thugs enjoy beating him
One night they beat him till he can’t move
The tears flow freely from his shattered heart
All without him saying a word

Then you decide to go for the big kill
You murder his mother and sister in cold blood
You tell the world that they were evil people
And that they never deserved to live

He will come for you at night and set your house on fire
And you will perceive the aroma of your wife’s flesh
You will survive only to be shot from his pistol
“I never thought you could this,” you mutter as you die

But the truth is that he couldn’t do it before you came
You built a monster, one act at a time
He never said a word because he waited for your apology
And you said all the words, all, but the right ones

© Eleazar Maduka, 2017


Don’t Leave Your Husband for Her: Letter to a Would-Be Adulteress

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Dear friend,

I’m grateful that you trusted me with your secret.
Sitting across from me at the kitchen table this afternoon, you poured out your heart. When you married your high school sweetheart at 19, you never once suspected you would be in this place. Now, at 39, after twenty years of marriage, you call yourself gay.

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Free the Sheeple: A Fresh Move of God?

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FreeTheSheeple: an online movement launched by popular On-Air-Personality, Daddy Freeze, aimed at pastors who collect tithes from their members. It’s a movement with a proposed mission to free Christians (the sheeple) from the clutches of their alleged greedy pastors.

This generation is one with a love for new things. This is not strange, however, as every generation has always succeeded in discovering things that the former failed to discover, largely caused by either sheer ignorance or an undying love for old, traditional things. And it is often the case that whatever new thing a given generation learns to create and to love, the former finds very hard to accept. I’ve come to see that this isn’t because they hate progress, but because it’s difficult to accept change. Perhaps the only other thing which surpasses that difficulty is that of moving with the tide and being part of change.

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It is Hell, It is Hell in My Soul

I sit confused on the pew and my ears can’t believe the words coming out of the large speakers. I turn my head just in time to catch the ludicrous smile that forms on the face on the man sitting next to me. I want to ask why he is smiling, but I figure out that I might be seen as rude. It is my first time in church and I don’t know how things work here. I try my best to act normal, but I can’t. The lady sitting at my other side notices my discomfort. She puts her hand on my arm and asks gently, “Is everything okay, brother?” I look into her lovely eyes and, with the escape of a tear, say, “I was told to run towards the Light. The Book said to flee from the wrath to come.” Her incredulous look makes me feel like I had said something strange, as though I had spoken in a strange tongue.

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We Must Fight – God Wills It!

Many years ago, I got to understand the concept of Jihad. I was told that it was a core belief in Islam, and was led to believe that every Muslim wanted to have my throat – they just didn’t get the chance. I have a balanced understanding of the religion now, however, and get really sad when my brothers in the faith attack Muslims unjustly. I believe it was Dr. Ravi Zacharias who said something along these lines, “If what the other person says still sound ridiculous, then you probably don’t understand what he is saying”.

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