I Hate Myself When I Sin

I am created by the Most High
He loved me so, I wonder why.
He called me to be His beloved child
I ran to Him like I was wild.
He told me “I love you”
I couldn’t believe it but it’s true.
“I love you, too,” I told My Lord God Almighty
He came to me and hugged me tightly.
The closer I was with Him,
The devil tempts me with his evil schemes..
The devil hates it when I pray,
Because he stumbles on his way.
I hate myself when I sin,
Because I let the devil named satan win.
I ask forgiveness from God my Father,
How I wish I was like Christ, God’s son and my brother.
I’m a simpleton, a fool, a cretin
How stupid I am to be beaten.
I knew all along what is right
But still I did what is not right.
The Lord is sad, so very sad
While the bogus devil is glad.
How I hate to know how happy he is
But me and My God will surely end his bliss.
When he tries to tempt me again,
I will raise my head facing Heaven,
Remembering and trusting the Most High,
Who is high above the sky.
The evil will never be victorious over me
As you can see,
For he will tremble with fear and find a place to hide
For God Almighty, King of all Kings is on my side.


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