The Journey

It’s a journey. I’ve been bruised, battered and used. But it’s a journey. I struggle to find the right words to put on this white sheet, but words aren’t coming. Life has dealt with me. It’s still a journey.

Sometimes I wish everything would end. Sometimes I wish the ability to feel was taken away; I mean, it would be nice not to feel anything for a day, won’t it? I wish there was an easy way out. But, then, it’s a journey.

I’ve been walking for so long now. My dry throat desires nothing but a little drop of water. My parched lips are as hard as sandpaper and longs for a little moisture. My heart longs for warmth. Those who I called brothers and friends have all deserted me. My bones are weak. God, please make it stop! Make it stop!! Pleaseee!!!
I long for love; all I ask for is someone to hold my hand and tell me that it’s okay. I need a little love. In a world with billions professing faith in Christ, that’s not too much to ask… or is it??..



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