Dear Dad,

Watch over Precious. Please take care of my sis. She`s Your daughter and You promised to love her even if she does bad. Your love is eternal and knows no bounds. You see, Dad, one day she had told me that she felt alone and unloved by you. We know that ain`t true, Dad. Please take care of my sis.
She always wanted someone to love her. She grew up watching Walt Disney movies, creating her idea of love from them. She believed that every princess needed a prince and that every love story needed a “happily ever after” ending. She wanted someone to hold her hands and tell her that he cared. She wanted someone to show her that there was love for her in this world. She needed a friend and a confidante, a knight in shining armour that wouldn`t just lend a hand, but give his all.
Everyone in church judged her, Dad. Yes, she was a wild cat and did everything differently. She dressed different and talked different. They called her a Jezebel and closed their hearts against her. Deep down all she wanted was love, but she found rejection instead. They were the holy ones and The Elect. “GOD has a standard,” they`d told her, “and anyone who doesn`t meet that standard can`t be here.” Their hearts were closed and the cathedral doors were barred.
You see, Dad, she was never strong-willed. The rejection she`d gotten from her siblings was deafening. Bouts after bouts of depression hit her. They gave her the worst moments of her life.. all she wanted was love. This is where the dilemma lies, Dad. I thought we were supposed to be a people known for our love. I thought we were to use love as a weapon in snatching men from the grip of the devil. We were supposed to be an inseparable entity bound together by a love so strong that even the unbelievers will gape in awe at the beauty of such love emanating from the bosom of our crucified LORD.
The closed fists and dark eyes sent her away from the church as she sank deeper and deeper and deeper.. away from You. Each day brought her a step closer to hell and three steps farther from You. And it`s been two full years since she left town. No one heard of her after she disappeared and no one cared enough to look for her. Imagine my shock, Dad, when I received a call earlier today from the Central Hospital informing me that Precious was dying and that she asked for me to be brought to her.
So… here I am, sitting in the hospital beside her, waiting for her to get back on her feet. The doctor said it was an STD but I wasn`t listening enough to catch the name of the exact disease. I couldn`t hold back the tears that flowed freely the moment I laid my eyes on her. She smiled upon seeing me. A faint smile that indicated that life was gradually leaving her. I can`t help but imagine that I had the power to have probably changed the way things are ending now. I was scared back then to flow against the current that the church found itself in. I was too scared to love the way You taught me to.
I know she`ll get better, Dad. And I sit here patiently, waiting for her to wake up from her siesta, hoping that she`ll brighten this gloomy ward with her laughter.
Please, Dad, take care of my sis.

Your son,


3 thoughts on “Precious

  1. Very nice!
    That’s the situation of our present generation, the church condemns sinners and sometimes hate them, they forget that they are to hate the sin and not the person.
    Love is always the key. God is love, and in showing them love, you are showing them God. Correction and encouragement in love will draw them closer to you, thereby bringing them close to God.
    Even Jesus corrected in love(Jesus and the adulterous woman John 8).

    Nice one, welldone.


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