Big Mouths Get Big Rewards


I couldn’t help but smile after I saw my Algorithms lecturer four days ago. I’d passed his course the previous semester and remembered how surprisingly stressful his course had been for me. 2015 had been an awesome year in school. I knew I achieved a lot, and not just academically. I was also blessed financially, spiritually and mentally. But while looking back at 2015 retrospectively, I found out that I was my major limitation. I was my first and biggest difficulty in 2015.
Every major milestone I couldn’t cross was somehow caused by my negativity, pessimism and my inability to stay positive. I remember the semester that I had my first E in a course (E is the grade just above the failure grade). I had started that academic year well, with high hopes and plans. I spoke to friends about how that year was going to be my best ever. Deep down, I was truly optimistic about that year. I had my plans written down on paper and shared them with some friends. But my plans didn’t come to fruition.
I began listening to pessimists talk about how difficult the year was going to be, how the previous sets always experienced a decrease in their CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) at that level, how lecturers from certain departments didn’t favor students from my faculty, etc. I listened to so much and, even though I wasn’t conscious of it, the things that I’d heard seeped through my mind and engraved themselves deep down in my thoughts. And so my confession changed.
Ever been at that point where the voices that you hear within become overshadowed by the ones coming from other people? You are no longer sure of anything and there’s so much confliction in your mind.

“Could they be right?”
“How am I sure that I am right?”
“Maybe I’m not really strong enough to achieve anything.”
“Maybe this is bigger than me.”
“Maybe average will do.”

A lot of “maybes” become part of our lives. And when this happens, we usually allow our confessions to change. We don’t become so optimistic any longer. That’s the most dangerous moment of all – when our mouths are no longer used to bless us. We allow our mouths to reduce in size.
Big mouths get the biggest rewards!
Your mouth is your biggest weapon this year. If the voices around you constantly remind you of how you’ve tried before and failed, or if the enemy tries to make you feel unloved and weak, you speak!
No body can sue you to any court for speaking positively. You can achieve every single thing that you had in mind while crossing over into 2016. But you must believe.. and speak!

“This project isn’t difficult.”
“I’m going to get better at my job.”
“I won’t see a reason to borrow this year.”
“I’m on my way to better days.”

Do not allow anything to reduce the size of your mouth. Always remember that the biggest mouths get the biggest rewards.



9 thoughts on “Big Mouths Get Big Rewards

  1. Surely we possess the same spirit somehow. Its easy for us to slip down the slimsy trick of negativity around but thank God the HolySpirit is always put a check on us


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