Slowly drifting away and this wasn’t the plan
I’m alone in my closet asking myself if I’ll ever be a better man
The enemy can’t win this battle because it is not his
Christ is in charge and He alone can give me true peace
The decision to take this journey was one I didn’t make on my own
You were behind the scene, pulling the strings, sustainer of my flesh and bones
I was knee-deep in sin when You brought me out
You took me in Your arms and, like a baby, You carried me about
I never knew what true love was like until I felt Your arms wrapped around me
I was so used to human love where I’ll love you if you’ll love me and your voice can make me sleep soundly
I believe love connects two hearts to be so irrevocably entwined that when one heart bleeds, the other feels it
And when one glows, the other basks in it
But I feel like I don’t love You enough
I feel like there is something I’m keeping back from You, a part of me that still feels so tough
It gets harder and harder to keep You in mind as the days go by
The voices around me get so loud these days, the noise keeps You out
I know there’s more to You than old stories and nice songs
And I won’t settle for anything less than You
So I’m bringing every part of me under subjection to Your will
Not just my mouth and my eyes, but everything, including this very heart that makes me feel
And I pray that You bring peace to this troubled heart
And supply grace for me to serve You till I die, my King!.


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