We Don’t Wear Name Tags


One way to recognize any student in my school is through the school ID card. You don’t wear your ID card and the security men have full permission to harass you, regardless of your sex, age or social standing. Students always have their ID cards with them whenever they are within the school premises. It got so bad at some point that some students slept and woke up with their ID cards on their person, just in a bid to avoid expulsion or any form of punishment from the school authority. I like to call our system the Card Identification System – a system hated by 70% of the student population and loved by 95% of the entire university staff.
A similar system could be found in offices, production plants, etc. Organization is key. Simply put, there must be a way to differentiate an ordinary office clerk from the manager of a firm, a way to know who’s who in any organization. And life would be a whole lot easier if you could just look at a person and know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy, or if the dude who claims to be Dangote’s third cousin is even a Northerner.
But there is no Card Identification System in life. You’d have to take people as they come.
We don’t wear name tags.
I am a Christian, a die-hard follower of Jesus Christ (Oh yes, I believe that He’s God). Imagine if a card were to be created for me. Imagine how it would look like.
Eleazar Maduka.
Pentecostal Christian.
Lover of God and humanity.
And I could go on and on.
But I don’t have to write all that for you to know who I am or who I represent. I found an easier way: I simply live. I’ll simply live, bringing to life all by beliefs by walking on earth. My walk and my life will speak louder than any announcement or name tag.
After Jesus died, the disciples never went from house to house telling men that they were the first generation of believers, who walked with Him while He was on earth. If they were alive today, you would call them Christians, not because they’ll tell you to, but because they’ll live what they believe.
My heart bleeds when I see people with inconsistent lives – they don’t live what they say they believe.
We don’t wear name tags and we don’t need to. Let your life do the talking.

GOD bless you.


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