We used to be lovers, star crossed and destined to be together forever
But our story ended long before forever even came
How did the love which once tasted as sweet as the waters flowing from the River Pishon in Eden become as bitter as the waters of Marah?

We were slaves bound with fetters in our emotions,
And we loved the bondage
We were like dogs wagging our tails and howling in anticipation for some passionate evil
We were high on some kind of aphrodisiac, sinister and deadly

We were locked in our passion,
Like animals in some sort of orgy
We had no way to stop, we never saw any reason to
Our eyes were bloodshot red, the color that says only one thing – death

Gore, that was what we lived for
Passion and pleasure was the only thing that mattered
I still remember the days of drunken stupor, days when pleasure was all we could care for
But now it’s all gone

It happened in nanoseconds,
A force so mighty that I could not resist pulled me and brought me to life
You see, I was dead the whole while
My senses which were alive only to blood and death became alive to life and joy

I still miss you sometimes,
But I need you to know that I’m gone and that I’m never coming back
I’m in a better place, I’m where I’m truly loved now
No blood, no death, no stupor.. just pure love
Love that will last till forever comes

Good bye, old lover
May we never meet till I close my eyes in eternal sleep


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