I`m not who you always believed me to be,
I`m not the nice person that you have always imagined me to be – loving, caring and kind.
Remember the other day at the fair where I donated a large sum of money to charity?
I didn`t do it because I cared so much about the homeless kids out there who had nothing to eat


I`m not the Mother Teresa or the Corrie ten Boom of my generation,
I wouldn`t care less if millions of kids get displaced by wars and terrorist attacks all over the world
I would act naturally if you told me the news – feel bad, and criticize the government for not providing for the masses in the nation.
I mean, why would I care for people who don`t know me? They are mere men after all, not gods.

I came into earth alone and I`m leaving alone,
I am not going with anyone else, so why
Should I care when I`ve got so much on my own plate to worry about?
I have bills to pay, kids to raise, a degree to pursue with everything that I`ve got, I simply have enough problems that are labelled as “mine”

So, I`m selfish and I`m enjoying every single second of it
Imagine the smile on my face every night as I lay down on my comfy bed, knowing that the day went by without anybody getting as little as a helping hand from me
I will live each day with my problems on the entrance my mind, that way nobody else`s issues can even make any attempt to set me “off-balance”
I`m selfish and I`m loving every single day of it

“That`s so mean,” you`d say
But, deep down in your heart of hearts, you know that I`m you, I am
The young lady with poor parents who barely has enough to eat, who can`t afford to play
With life and squander my little savings on the poor boy that I met begging yesterday with one amputated arm

I`m the deacon who doesn`t even have time to take a look at all the hungry and homeless people on the streets as I ride home from work
There`s just so much to worry about – the building project of the church, the wife and her planned supermarket, and
I`ve got a boss who never ceases to breathe on my neck every second he gets the chance to
Work is demanding and the church business requires so much dedication and attention, I`m not one to leave my primary assignment in order to focus on frivolities.

I`m busy, I`m not rich enough to help anyone, I`m not big enough to raise another
I`m not really into the helping thing, I`m a musician and a writer by call – I can`t go around helping people
There are missionaries and NGOs out there who are to see that these guys get help
I`ll help when I get the time or when I get enough money

You`re human and you suffer from Depraved Indifference
I suffer from it too, but we are supposed to be more like the One that called us out of darkness into marvelous light
He had compassion and showed love to the deadliest, ungodly men who lived in His time and He still does so in our time
I can be like Him, and my prayer is that you develop a desire to be more like Him



He loves, regardless of status, deeds or faith
You`re never in a position that will prevent you from showing love to the least of men.


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