I woke up to find myself naked, stripped of every single piece of clothing that would have ordinarily kept me covered and protected. I found myself on the cold floor, vulnerable and weak. I was confused and in shock at my state. And I was still locked in my thoughts when I saw them. They were standing afar off, laughing at what I think could only have been my nakedness. Three little creatures, all with wicked smiles and evil looking eyes that said words that lips can`t utter. They shook uncontrollably every time they laughed, each time producing eerie sounds from their mouths.
One notable thing was their state of joy. They looked incredibly happy and overjoyed at something I couldn`t quite lay my finger on at the time. I struggled through sleepy eyes to get a perfect view of these creatures. One thing that I was sure of was the fact that these creatures couldn`t possibly be good beings. The eerie sounds and their wicked laughter was enough to confirm my suspicions.
“Oh! He`s finally naked!” one of them finally blurted out.
“He looks so weak and vulnerable. The Master will be delighted to hear this,” said the creature who was the shortest and who looked like the youngest amongst the three.
Now, this definitely didn`t make any sense to me. Why would anyone who obviously was not interested in having sexual relations with me be delighted to see me naked? I am not shaped like a Greek god. My nakedness would be repulsive to at least half the people on earth, so why would anyone want me to be naked? And why would The Master, whoever he was, be delighted to hear of my nakedness? It made absolutely no sense to me.
The creatures began to come closer. And I gasped when I saw their physical form. They were unlike any creature I had ever seen or heard of – in person, in movies or in books. Their skin was so scaly and slimy that I almost threw up when they came closer to where I was. And then my head began to swoon. Repulsive, alien-looking creatures laughing at my nakedness? The whole thing made less sense as every second went by.
They all stretched their hands in a bid to drag me to my feet. I screamed at the top of my lungs.
And I woke up..
Imagine my delight to see myself fully clothed in my own room, alone and with no repulsive things around. But before I could sleep again, I had to answer the question of my nakedness and the creatures.
You see, as believers, our cover is The Son. He`s our clothing. And as long as that clothing remains on us, we`ll always be protected. Nothing can harm us or even dare to touch us when our clothing is on. The moment you strip yourself of your clothing, you become vulnerable. The creatures must have been demons, sent to ensure that the will of their master was carried out in my life. They would suck you dry, attack your mind and suggest things to you that are so depraved that even unbelievers would shudder at the thought of such things.
The key to survival is to never get naked. Never get naked. Your nakedness makes you vulnerable and defenceless against attacks. Always ensure that your clothing is intact. He`ll always be your cover, except you choose to give Him a break in your life.
And remember, the key to survival is to never get naked. Always wear your cover.


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