“Can’t you all get it? It’s a four beat song and you’re supposed to sing the chorus twice! Alto and tenor singers will add the special effects at the third line when singing the chorus for first time and sustain the effect till the end of the song.
It’s simple! In fact, forget it!! We’ll sing the song anyhow..”

I got frustrated some time last year while teaching a song to my choir. It was a simple song that everybody was supposed to have gotten by the second time we had to rehearse the song. But, alas, it turned out that the person teaching the song was the only person who knew the song.
If you’re a musician, then you know that every single note of a song matters. If a vocalist flattens or sharpens any note, it’s not the same song. And if the tempo is slower or faster, it’s not the same song. So, musicians are ear-trained to be sensitive to notes and disciplined with timing. Trust me, my ears itch when I listen to poorly composed songs or poorly performed songs.
Imagine my frustration then when my choir was not singing the song the way that it was originally arranged and performed. So, I raised my voice, more out of anger than frustration, and told them that they were useless. Now, I didn’t tell them plainly, “Y’all are a bunch of ol’ incompetent singers,” but my demeanour said words that couldn’t be uttered. It was one of the biggest mistakes that I ever made while teaching a song to a choir.

Because I was wrong!

I’d scored the song wrongly and was teaching something that was totally different from the original song, thinking that I was right the whole period. I later listened to the song and discovered my mistake. But all the while, I thought I was right! And I took everyone for a fool.. all because I thought I was right. And I never went back to say sorry.

Over the years, I’ve learnt one solid fact: not everything that you hold on to is true or correct. Your ideologies on marriage, finance, leadership, etc might not be entirely true.
Because a renowned speaker or writer endorsed it doesn’t make it right. I’ve had to fight battles over wrong ideologies that I held for years. Before finding out that I was wrong, I’d argued and defended my stand anytime I got the opportunity to. And I used to argue so well! I hardly ran out if points.
Never take people for fools simply because you think you’re right and they’re not. Truth is, you’re almost wrong 70% of the time. And you know that I speak the truth. You’re not bigger or better than anyone because you win any argument. Everyone is human and deserves some respect.

Never be too big to say sorry when you’re wrong. That fellow has an ego too.

Never be too big to accept your mistakes. Make corrections and make your life better.

Our lives would be awesome if we could handle our mistakes well and learn from every single bad decision we make.

Live. Learn. Grow.


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