Holy Week 2016

Holy Week

Yay! It`s the Holy Week again. The week that comes only once every year. Christians all over the world get to reflect on every event leading up to His death on the cross – the Triumphant Entry, the Last Supper, the arrest at Gethsamane, the trial by the High Priest, Caiaphas; the Jews` decision to consult Pilate who really didn`t want meddle in the affairs of the locals, the trial by Herod, the second drama at Pilate`s court, the horrible trip to Golgotha, and ultimately, the sacrifice on the cross.

I had Darlene Zschech`s Revealing Jesus album as my playlist today and I couldn`t help but replay all the events that happened that week in Israel. I`m very sure that that week must have been the most talked about that year in Israel. I was blessed by that album, I tell you. You see, there are days when we need to be reminded that what happened on that cross was no ordinary event. It wasn`t a normal execution. It was no accident. It was all part of His plan to reconcile you to Himself.

This week isn`t about family & friends, but Him. Take time to reflect on that unforgettable week and thank Him for that awesome sacrifice.

I have been horribly busy with school work and have been forced to stay away for a while. My exams start in a few days. A word of prayer from your end would go a long way to ensure that the exercise moves smoothly.

I hope to start a series real soon, if I`m allowed to call it a series. I titled it “Memoirs From School”. It`ll basically be a collection of the things I get to live through in school. It will have a beginning, but I`m not too sure about when it`ll end. Now, I`m not much of a story teller, so don`t expect too much. Basically, the aim of everything is for all to be blessed. And I hope that you`ll be blessed.

Have a blessed week, folks.


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