The Many Dangers Of Christianity



Christianity, as defined by Oxford Dictionary, is the Abrahamic religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and various scholars who wrote the Christian Bible.

Over the years, many have come to know Christians as the sect that have Sunday as their Holy Day. And if you`re from where I come from, then you`ll probably know them as the ones who are always on their best attire on a Sunday. If you`re used to the Pentecostals, then you`ll probably know them as noisy fellows – who blab in some funny gibberish-like language at the top their voices. If you`ve never left the Catholic or Anglican community, you might want to assume that they all sing slow and soothing spiritual songs called hymns.

If you belong to any of the aforementioned schools of thought, you`re not completely wrong or completely correct. You want to know why? Because over the years, Christianity has gone through what many theologians call an evolution, and you might not really get an accurate picture of what a Christian is supposed to look or live like by simply looking at the people you find around you. Chances are high that if you were to bring first century Christians and twenty-first century Christians before a jury, they would rule that both are utterly different. They might not even find any single similarity between them. Now, I know what you`re thinking. You might want to argue that there must exist certain notable dissimilarities between men who live in the twenty-first century and those who lived almost 2000 years ago. You`re absolutely correct. But, mind you, I don`t mean physical similarities.

This is where I start my argument. Firstly, I`d like to say that Christianity is a dangerous religion. And I hope you`ll be able to follow my train of thought till the end of this post. You`ll be glad you did.

What makes a thing or person dangerous? You might say that that thing is unsafe or is a risky business to get oneself involved in. You might also want to say that the thing in question is hazardous – it might lead to loss of life and/or substantial property. In simple terms, a dangerous thing brings harm. “How the hell is Christianity dangerous then?” you might want to ask at this point. Surely, Christianity seems like a wonderful religion. The whole talk about grace and how some worthless persons can come into the reality of GOD`s love and enjoy the best life here on earth. I`ve heard that for years and have never been able to answer the deepest questions in my heart. Everyone that I turned to somehow said the same thing. And I always get cautious when almost everybody is saying the same thing. It was almost as though everyone was dodging certain questions. Like there was some planned resolve to skip certain grey areas and focus on what everyone wanted to hear.

Christianity is not as you have always imagined to be. There is a high probability that you have heard the same things for years – nothing new, just the same things coated with nice little anecdotes and stories to make you roll over in your seat in laughter and wear a smile out of church every Sunday.

Christianity is dangerous. And I`ll point out just one reason why it is dangerous. Christianity is dangerous because it seeks your life! It is not a sect of people who speak nicely and dress suavely. No! I refuse to believe that Jesus came to just ensure that people have more cash and more assets. I refuse to preach that His mission was solely to make men law-abiding citizens and lovelier husbands and fathers. You can do all of that without Him. You know deep down within you that I say the truth.

You are no longer your own. God paid a great price for you. So use your body to honor God.

1 Cor 6:19-20 [CEV]

So, I say this to everyone that claims that he/she is a Christian. This is the most dangerous part of your Christianity – you were bought! Now, I`m sure that you`ve seen that particular verse in your Bible or heard some random preacher or even a friend quote it at some point. I quoted it for years before understanding what it really meant. If I`m allowed to paraphrase that portion of Scripture, it`ll most probably go this way:


“You were knee-deep in sin when He found you. But He didn`t just find you the way a little boy finds his spoilt toy in the waste bin and doesn`t make an attempt to even touch it because momma got him a bigger, better toy. He found you in some real mess that you couldn`t get yourself out of. You were in bondage. And what did He do? He went to free you, knowing that the price He`ll pay would be His life. So, He used that blood, precious and without blemish, to bring you out of your bondage.”


For many of us, that`s all that we were ever told in church. He saved you! Hurrah! Glory! I get to live the best life here because of His sacrifice. But my paraphrasing doesn`t end there.


“His saving you was free, meaning that you paid nothing to be free. But his saving you was also not free. You see, He paid and purchased you with His blood [Rev. 5:9]. Your allegiance changes from your master, the devil, to Him. You bow only to Him. You obey only Him. His wish is your command. He bought you! Now, you`re going to spend every single nanosecond of your life serving and pleasing Him.”


That is a step further. You might have also heard that. But that`s not where the danger is. The real danger lies in the fact that you are no longer your own. You are to have no life, no desires, no wants, and no will. “Now, that`s a lie!” you might want to say at this point. And looking at your life right now, your life might probably also scream that it`s a lie. But that`s the ideal Christian life. You are not your own. Not metaphorically, but for real. How many times have you gone about living your life as the driver and controller? You`ve missed it! Truth is, many of us have. Nobody tells us that anymore. We don`t even want to hear it anymore. We dodge it. We do everything but acknowledge and live it. When all that we were ever meant to do was to surrender and allow Him live through us. We were never meant to be in control. He didn`t die to give you control. He died to gain control! And you love control so much. But it`s against His will for you to have control.

So many times we end up fighting GOD. We fight GOD! How funny does that sound? Because you want what He doesn`t want and you don`t even bother to check if He`s okay with what you want. You`re supposed to lose your life, not gain it. You`re supposed to hand over everything that you have to Him, not for protection, but for serious scrutiny. Let Him weed off everything that doesn`t represent Him and leave what He wants.

Not my will but yours, Lord,” the exact words of Jesus the night before his crucifixion.

When you left your previous estate, He accepted you and loved you. It`s only reasonable that you offer your life as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto Him. It`s high time we stopped quoting scriptures and started living what`s written from GOD to us. Even as you celebrate this season of Easter, I beg you to understand why you celebrate Easter. GOD stretched forth His arm and saved you. I pray that grace be given unto you to live only for Him and nothing else. I live for my King and His Kingdom!

Happy Easter, folks!


4 thoughts on “The Many Dangers Of Christianity

  1. Thanks for the insightful teaching. It’s high time we as Christians realize who we are in Christ and be entirely separated from the world and its patterns. Continuous renewal of our mind by the word of God should be our daily obligation. I Look forward to more insightful books of this kind for daily strength thanks.


    • I`m glad you were blessed by this post. Christ called us into something greater and different from what we see in our Christian circles these days.
      May God continually grant you grace in your walk with Him on earth. Amen.


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