A Lover’s Cry

What happened to us?
Can you remember the first time we met?
You used to describe that moment as “butterflies and fireworks”
It was love at first sight; the script had been written and the stage had been set.
Surely you can still remember the day after that,
You’d searched for me; you ran like a deer panting after water.
And when you’d found me, all you could do was stare; words disappeared from your lips and were spoken through your eyes and your smile.
It was love in its purest form, unadulterated and true.
What happened to us?
I remember that it wasn’t a time of plenty,
I remember how you went after me in the wilderness, in a land that was not sown, a dry and weary land.
With a dry throat and parched lips you sought after me,
You pursued with such ferocity and passion! And I satisfied you each time you came.
Can you remember how the whole town was against us?
Even your parents hated me and begged you to see reason in letting me go.
“I am my beloved’s and He is mine,” you’d said.
You were resolute and your heart was fixed – we were going to last forever.
I still recall those days with a tear in my eye,
I can’t talk about those days without feeling a pain so severe in my heart.
What happened to us? And how did we get here?
You suddenly wanted to leave my presence almost immediately after you came,
And whenever I asked why you were always in such a hurry, you’d smile and say that you had school work and had to visit friends who were so dear.
Everything became hazy after that time
I tried so hard to get you back, but was unable to
Tonight, I send another plea to you
With a heart that will beat just for you until forever comes
Please, come back
Oh, how I love you so


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