I saw him walking ahead of me as I walked home today.
Dressed with a simple polo shirt and a blue jean short,
I adjudged him to be someone I knew, judging from his slightly bent shoulders and his slight sway.
His slow steps and bent head told me that something in his hands had his utmost attention.

I walked faster and caught up with him,
Almost tripping after a brief contact with a large stone.
With the dexterity of one used to watching folks without getting caught, I quietly caught up with him, his eyes never leaving his object of attention,
And just when I thought his phone was the object of his affection, I saw her.

After years of seeing her in movies and with other random folks, there was no way that I could have mistaken her.
With her dry green skin and her unique smell,
I saw, once again, the demon that Jackie Preston said had held her bound for years,
In all her splendour and strength, in the hands of one who couldn’t resist her wiles.

I saw him gently setting her in place, as though she was a princess, his princess.
With a smile that spoke volumes about his undying love and loyalty,
He set about his business, totally oblivious to my presence.
He was with her and everything suddenly made sense.

He had her on a white sheet of paper, as a bride dressed with white and awaiting her lover’s caresses and kisses;
She wasn’t a virgin, she had been with so many before him and will have many more after him.
But that couldn’t deter him,
He was to have her tonight at all costs, oh, how he must have missed her.

I passed him and felt a strong pity for him,
He probably knew how dangerous she was and was unable to free himself from her grip.
I walked on and imagined what would have happened after setting her in place for tonight’s ritual,
I’m sure he would have wrapped her with care, using his saliva at the edge of the paper to ensure that he doesn’t lose her.

He must have brought her to his lips, set her on fire and puffed away.
He must have taken his time, slowly allowing her to penetrate into his brain and bring that feeling that he loved so much.
She must have smiled, basking in the bliss of their union,
Knowing that, for the time being, she had him where she wanted him – at her feet.

Tonight, cannabis just claimed another soul.


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