I want more than these
broken pieces that you offer
I know that these pieces are part
of a once-upon-a-time whole heart

I want more than these fragments
that you shove into my face
I don’t need this piecemeal heart
I need more than just random parts

I feel your pains and would
love to kiss those wounds
But I can’t kiss them when you hide
them out of fear and mistrust

I want you step out of the shadows
and leave your fear behind
Take a leap of faith and hold
this bloody, outstretched arm

I want you to let go of the pieces
that you still hold on to,
Those pieces that make you cry every
time you remember his betrayal

I want you to trust me and give me
every single piece of what’s left,
From the biggest shard to the minutest
splinter of that shattered heart

You can love again, and
you must love again
You can smile as you used to
and be happy once more

But you must move past
the hurt and the pain
You must learn to forget,
darling, and grasp this one offer

Imagine waking up with me
on a bright morning
With smiles and laughter,
not this tear-streaked face

I promise to give you everything
that you have ever dreamed of
Your craziest dreams and wildest
imaginations will finally become real

But you must give me all of you,
nothing else will satisfy me
I want more than what’s left of you,
I also long for what is yet to be

I want nothing but you, with
all your flaws and imperfection
Don’t hide anything, no, don’t photoshop
the fact that you were once a beauty

Come as you are, baby, don’t
try to make yourself prettier
Come with the tear-streaked face and
the broken pieces of that heart

But you must come with all,
don’t keep anything back
No secrets, no lies, no hidden
skeletons lurking in the closet

I love you and I want you to
love me with all that you are
Step out of the shadows with all of
you because nothing less would suffice

I promise to remain true
till the end of time
I’m in this for life and I promise
to love you till forever comes

©Eleazar Maduka, 2016


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