Don’t Ever Forget..

They forgot what he had done—

marvels he’d done right before their eyes.

They whined like spoiled children,

“Why can’t God give us a decent meal in this desert?

Sure, he struck the rock and the water flowed,

creeks cascaded from the rock.

But how about some fresh-baked bread?

How about a nice cut of meat?”

Psalms 78:11,19-20 [MSG]

Why is this problem still here after this long? Why is my result not getting better? Why is there so much confusion in my life right now? After doing all that I was told to do, why is my case not any better?

Endless questions and no answers. That’s how life is for so many people. For many, God just chooses to be far and neglect us. He just likes to hear our cries and do nothing. He delights in the cries of His people!

There are days when the curses seem to outnumber the blessings, days when the sun burn our naked backs so bad that all we long for is some shelter from the burns, days when the pain seems so real that we wonder if we’ve ever had something other than pain. There are moments when we look at the hurt and wish that we had never been born. And we are tempted to be like Job and say, “Let the day perish wherein I was born.”

When days like these come, our brains find a way to tell us that whatever pain we face at the present time is all that we have ever faced in life. In times of sorrow over a lost spouse, the thought of a promotion at the office becomes like bitter kola in mouth of one accustomed to all the sweet things the mouth could enjoy. The thought of how financially buoyant you are won’t make you smile after your boo of seven years decides to leave you alone on the altar to share your vows with the priest officiating the ceremony, wishing you both a happy ever after by her act of betrayal.

Who remembers that the rains will eventually come, after a hot afternoon of being dealt with by the sun? How can one remember that the night never lasts forever when he has spent what seems like ages groping in the darkness, desperately looking for a torch to brighten the room a little? How can one remember that there have been good times when those dry, patches lips can’t bend a little to form a smile? Who remembers the songs that have made them dance and laugh in the past when their ears can’t hear anything, save for the thoughts of pain and sorrow that speak so loudly within?

In our state of sorrow or pain, we have the tendency to forget all that God has ever done. We have the tendency to see only what He hasn’t done.

Now, I don’t know how we manage to forget the good things that we’ve ever enjoyed. I think it’s simply because we’re humans. We somehow manage to forget the good times the very moment that the bad times come. Oh, if only we could hold on to those powerful memories and use them to fight off the feelings of worthlessness and depression!

God has done so much for you to look at that present situation or challenge and murmur or complain. When the days of uncertainty come, you must remember all the good times and thank Him for them. The good memories will be so difficult to summon, but you have so many wonderful memories to be depressed or thrown down by any seemingly impossible situation.

On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night. Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.

Psalms 63:6-7 [NIV]

Oh, He’s been so good! Take time to focus on all that He’s done. Take your eyes off the problems and look unto the Lord. Look unto Him from whom your help comes.

You have so, so much to be grateful for.
©Eleazar Maduka, 2016


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