Lovers Forever

I smile as I hear Your voice
through the noisy crowd
Oh, how I’ve waited to hear
you call out my name today

Today is one of those days,
days when I feel lost and confused
The thunder crashes over me and
I shudder out of fear

Slowly you approach me, with
a smile that says a million words
And I count the seconds till you get here,
my heartbeat racing at your presence

I smile as I remember all
the good times we’ve had together
You never let me face any storm alone
You always find a way to get through to me

A tear escapes my eyes as I feel
you wrap your arms around me
“It’s okay,” you say reassuringly
I mumble as the tears flow freely

I wonder what makes you come back
I’ve never been there for you
I’ve never done anything for you
Tell me, “What keeps you coming?”

At first, I didn’t believe you
I couldn’t believe that you could love me,
definitely not the way you say it
Nobody could ever love like that

Gently you tugged at my heart
You showed me depths that I never
knew could exist in love
You lost yourself totally with me

In loving me, you broke every wall
and brought down every defence that
I have ever put up to guard my heart
Now I’m left defenceless and helpless

I look into your eyes and realize that
I am already in love with you
You smile and I wonder if you knew
“Does he know?” I ask myself

You simply smile and I bask in the peace
and joy that that smile always brings
The thunder doesn’t sound so threatening now
It lost its strength the moment you showed up

I feel like you need to know that I love you
“I love you,” I say with my eyes locked on yours
You just keep on smiling and I wonder
if I had said it properly or correctly

“I know,” you say, as you squeeze my
hand so lovingly and reassuringly
Somehow I know that I love you
because you first loved me

I’m incapable of loving like you
Please teach me how to love you
I’m weak, with all these fears and
frailties that make me stink

I long to love you without bonds
and withholding nothing
I lean for another hug and I know
that we’re gonna be alright

My lover is mine, and I am his.
Songs of Songs 2:16


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