The 21st Century Minister: An Introduction

For weeks now, I’ve had a strong burden to write about the 21st Century Minister. I guess I could call this a leading, because that’s what it actually is. I’ve tried to shy away from writing anything on ministers. Mainly because of two reasons.

Firstly, I’m not an ordained minister. I have no right to write about ministry. I know nothing about ministry. I currently don’t pledge my allegiance to one specific ministry. I’m just a worker in several ministries. I’m yet to fully pledge my loyalty to any ministry. How would someone like that write on ministers? I’m the most unqualified to write on ministry. I don’t feel one bit qualified to say anything about ministers or ministry.
Secondly, I’ve not been trained in things pertaining ministry. I’m yet to even attend a Bible School. The only training that I’ve ever received in church was the Workers’ Training that I had to undergo before becoming a worker in my school fellowship. I’m more of a self-educated believer. I’m not currently under a discipler. I’m Jesus’ disciple. How can one who’s not so knowledgeable write about ministers? I myself cannot answer you.
Why then am I doing this? Well, I’ve been unable to brush the topic off my heart for weeks now. We were rehearsing one Saturday in church and my friend got me talking about the Deliverance Ministry. Coincidentally, I was to take a class in the next day’s Sunday School. The topic had been Discipline and Deliverance. After talking with my friend at length that Saturday, I’ve had a strong burden to write something, no matter how small it may seem, on the 21st Century Minister.

I find this topic surprisingly interesting. Have you wondered how a 1st Century Minister would have looked like? Have you ever wondered if those guys back then had the special privileges that our ministers today have? Did you ever notice that we have expanded what ministry would have looked like during the time of the Apostles? Did they have Dance Ministries? How about Deliverance Ministries? Did they have Women Ministries? Do these numerous ministries have biblical support? Are they necessary? Who invented them? These are questions that I intend to try to answer in the coming months.
This is meant to be a series. I promised to write a series some time ago and reneged on that promise. I’ll try to be faithful and true this time around. It’s going to be a wonderful time. I hope to learn a lot. I know you do too. As usual, the goal is for all to be blessed. It’s all for my King and His Kingdom.
GOD bless you.

© Eleazar Maduka, 2016.


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