Quote of the Day: Perfection

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Perfection

  1. i know u don’t know that i follow your post every day when am chanced. just want to say you make a fyn writer n i lyk u. keep up the work n prays for u not to fail God in the long run


  2. Good morning. I love your thought process. I love what you allow the Lord to do through it. Thanks for posting this as I struggle rather than surrender. My biggest issue is my thought process. At times I am cool and when something happen, I may or may not (more so…may not) be O.K. through it. I’ve been able to keep my legs closed through celibacy for 12 years and can’t keep my mouth closed when offended. LOL Does that make any sense? The truth is that I’ve not surrendered this part of my life, given up any rights to hold on to offenses…in a nutshell. Seriously been digging in deep with overcoming it but I’ve made small advances yet not as widespread as I would love nor as the Lord wants. I’m doing it no matter what and no matter how long. Celibacy didn’t happen over night, so I assume this issue won’t be either. LOL Thank you again for posting this.


    • You’re welcome. Thanks for reading through.
      I like to say this a lot, that as long as I choose to remain in this relationship, then He’ll make me perfect. I trust God to continue to work in you.
      Patience is very required in this walk. Even if I fall seven times, I’ll rise again. I believe that that’s what He wants – that coming back each time we fall short of His standards.
      Continue to walk with Him. It’ll cease to be an issue soon. Thanks, once again.

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