She Chose Left



I remember standing that day at the crossroads

I held her hand while we stood at the point

Where our world as we knew it had been shattered

By a blow so strong that we were left confused

The wind brushed my face and I felt its sting

Against my perfectly toned skin

I felt her shudder and I knew that she

Was also a victim of the same onslaught

We were finally at the dreaded crossroads

I knew that this moment was going to come,

The moment when we would choose a path

That we would both tread for life

I looked at her face and saw her struggle,

A tear escaped my eye as I sensed the battle

That was being fought on the inside,

A war that was like a raging fire

“I’m not ready,” she finally said amidst tears

“I know,” I managed to form a whisper

I felt her hand slide out of mine and I knew

That this was not my battle any longer

It was never my battle to fight, this was

The end of my long, arduous journey

After reaching the end of me, I chose right

After reaching the crossroads, she chose left

On that day, we went our separate ways

That very moment we said our goodbyes

Our paths were never to cross again, except

If by some miracle, she would choose right

I was grieved for a while, I carried the hurt for

Way too long and forgot what it meant to love

I never went back to ask her why she never

Chose the path that I had decided to tread

Now I stand at her end, looking at the body of my friend

I want to ask if she ever chose right, but I can’t

Because lying in front of me is the body of my friend

Who never tasted God’s love because she chose left

You see, left signify all that is base and ungodly,

The kingdom of darkness has her subjects there

Right signifies the path paved by the very blood

Of Christ that was shed upon Calvary’s tree

But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust?

And how can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard

of the One who can be trusted?

And how can they hear if nobody tells them?

How will they know right if you never tell them?

© Eleazar Maduka, 2017


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