A Blessing in Disguise


I wish you would sleep an eternal sleep
And breathe the venomous air of Hell,
That your skin would change its color from
That lucent lustre to a hue of despair

I wish that your name be forever erased
From the sands of time and that the memory
Of you be expunged from the hearts of men,
An atemporal exertion of the Creator’s might

Your name alone reminds me of the days
Of my captivity, days when I waited on the
Beast for the means of my livelihood
All he had to do was wish and I obeyed

You’re my Achilles’ heel, the Cleopatra in my
Life’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
My tears flow effortlessly each night when I think
Of all the pain that you have brought my way

How could such a pain be a blessing? How could
He say that my weakness is His strength? Surely,
A thorn remains a thorn, prickly and unpleasant as
It pierces through the very fabric of one’s soul

The preacher`s sonorous voice reverberates in the
Deep canyons of my heart, creating a rumbling deep
Inside that I know would end in soft weeping
A light so radiant shines and it suddenly makes sense

If you drive me back to God, then you`re a blessing in
Disguise, if you bring me to the end of myself and
Makes the bended knee with a broken spirit my favorite
Adopted posture, then you`re not a curse from Hell

If what I call my weakness helps me depend on the
Giver of life for strength to live that life daily,
Then it is not a curse to be feared and hated,
It is indeed a blessing in disguise

Hence, I will boast in this infirmity, I will thank
Him for His strength that will always be manifested
In the presence of this thorn, and until the day it dies,
I will smile because of this blessing in disguise

Because He has said to me, My grace is enough for you,
Sufficient against any danger and enables you to bear this manfully;
For My strength and power are made perfect and show
Themselves most effective in your weakness


© Eleazar Maduka, 2017


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