We Must Stand – GOD Wills It!


I was told the other day that my brother,
One with whom my very soul was knit with,
Had been struck down by a torrential rainstorm –
One of bullets that had been created by old sweats

Then I was told of countless other brothers,
Innocent, young and extremely ambitious men,
That had fallen by the wayside, beaten and broken
I call them brothers because they are human

They had been inordinately desirous of power;
Promises of a better world serving as a drug,
Diurnally got them to a state of stupendous high –
They are brothers, nonetheless, and they are men

The hearts of our mothers beat wildly each morning;
“I`m off to school,” sounds like, “Goodbye, mama”
Our fathers can only smile after everyone returns home;
“When will this end?” they wonder, “How will this end?”

But we must summon courage and pick up arms
Else the next spilled blood might be on our doormats
We are soldiers and we must act like ruthless ones
We must unsheathe our swords – God wills it!

We don`t need guns – we have swords, shields,
Breastplates, helmets, belts and the Gospel
The clock ticks with the passing of every second
And our adversary advances, breaking our very ranks

Peter was in chains when his brothers prayed all night
Paul continually offered up prayers for all the saints
Dear believer, can we lose sleep in a time like this?
We must stand like brothers – God wills it!

© Eleazar Maduka, 2017


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